Originally born in Lake County, FL and raised in Marion County, Fl, I, Danielle Wiggins, am the CEO & Founder of A Helping Hand Charity Outreach, A Helping Hand Residential Cleaning Servants, Precious Memories Photography, and Jumping J’s Inflatables & More. I am the mother of 5 beautiful children; Jadyn Alece, Janiya Aleeuh, Jourdan Allen, Zoei Zy’Aire (Rest in Paradise Zoei), and Jonah Alijah.

Back in 2013, God said to me, “Don’t deny Me.” Shortly following, in 2014-2015, I experienced a course of life changing events. God put people in place to be a blessing to us. God said to me, “Just as I was there for you, I’m going to allow you to be there for others.” During that time of my life, A Helping Hand Charity Outreach was birthed.

That following year, we became homeless. “We arrived at one location and the cleaning did not meet our standards. God simply said, “Clean it.” That night God gave me the vision for A Helping Hand Residential Cleaning Servants.

I currently hold an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Educational Paraprofessional, along with many other credentials. My intentions were not to return to school, because I had already obtained all the credentials required to However, God had other plans for me. God said for me to pursue real estate. Which meant I had to go back to school. God said since I’m doing what He wants me to do, He’s going to make a way for me to do what I want to do.

Throughout the years, I became interested in photography. God allowed me to birth Precious Memories Photography, not knowing that God was setting me up for something greater. On May 24, 2020, at 21 weeks pregnant, I started having severe contractions. I delivered Zoei Zy’Aire on May 25th. She passed in my arms. A gentleman came in and captured my last moments with her. This experience allowed me to birth the Zoei Zy’Aire Memorial Fund, where we assist families experiencing loss due to pre-term labor.

Jumping J’s Inflatables & More (Jadyn, Janiya, Jourdan, and Jonah) provides inflatables for events and birthday parties. I wanted a business that was a representation of my children and God gave me His approval.

God is a strategic God. What the devil meant for harm; God changed for my Good. God was preparing me for what was to come. God said to me, “How can you have the heart to help anyone, had you not experienced it yourself?” What I experienced was painful BUT necessary. It had purpose. To those of you who may be going through something, be encouraged. It may look like there’s no way out, but God has a plan specifically for you. What you’re experiencing is not just for you, but to help someone else going through a similar situation.

A Helping Hand Corporation’s ultimate goal is to change lives and restore humanity by providing affordable services equitable to the needs of the people of God. Let US help YO!